Building a smart world by connecting the Internet of Things

Connecting experiences and enabling the people who will invent and build the killer scenarios for the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT’s future is a world where all things, and non-things, are insider-centric, not outsider centric, and can talk, share, trigger, and learn.


The only way to get there is with an extensible, open source platform that is both simple to build on now, and architected for the future.


What We Do

Chromium provides an open source software/hardware-connecting system for basic home atomization. We work closely with the developer community and manufacturing partners to build, expand and improve industry application.

App developers, hardware enthusiasts



Connect, enable, unlock their strength through IoT
Discuss, learn, improve, upgrade
More scenarios and cross function and ecosystem possible


Automated IOT household, control over your devices and data, connect your household independent of manufacturers or devices


Who We Are

Internet of Things Concept

CHROMIUM empowers hardware and software manufactures, makers and programmers, small and large organizations across functional or regional barriers to actually work together and build something much bigger than its parts: universal connected intelligence

Why the name “Chromium”?

  • It sounds cool
  • Chromium is a very reactive element that adds value to many different materials
  • One of our founders has owned the Chromium name and domain since the mid 1990s

The Team

  • Experienced team
    (combined 100+ years IT experience & successful entrepreneur track records)
  • Ability to scale & well resourced
  • Support from communities and capital goods manufacturers

  • Eric Engstrom, CEO & Architect and managing the outsourced dev teams
  • James Pickering: VP of Things; includes Hardware design and implementation
  • Michael Lev: “IC wizard” (Hardware Engineer)
  • Tom Marvin, COO
  • Mark Mueller-Eberstein, President, Partnerships, Marketing, BizDev

History / Philosophy

In the 1980s, people built their own “computers” and there was no “address book” or standard communication. The “Internet” became possible by communities adopting a joint “language”.

Global Internet

Today “The Internet of Things” is bridging the next wave of digital possibilities across our daily lives

  • Ubiquity of computing fabric itself
    It’s expected that everything will talk to everything in the next 5-10 years
  • Increasing rate of digitizing every experience everywhere
    How does everything know who to talk to when and how?
  • Enormous capacity to reason over digitized information to enhance interactions and experiences creating ambient Intelligence
  • But how do we move from cottage industry to global ecosystem with collaboration and interoperability?


Chromium is dedicated to connect and support the IoT communities.

We are partnering with some key communities and are very open to work with more. If you need help connecting Chromium with your technology / community please let us know how we can help.

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